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ChipWeb source-code issues

The following issues have been identified in the ChipWeb source code:

ChipWeb v1.03

A degree of compatibility with the CCS version 3 compilers can be achieved by adding the following definitions to the main source file, around line 70:

              #byte TIMER_1_LOW  = 0x0e
              #byte TIMER_1_HIGH = 0x0f
Add the following just after the device definition:
              #device ADC = 10

ChipWeb v1.57

P16_USR.C line 192
This line contains a spurious while(0) and should be deleted.

P16_USR.C line 228
The statement if (blk == ~b) is open to ambiguity with some compilers, since the byte value 'b' may be promoted to a signed integer before the comparison. It is better to use b = ~b; if (blk == b) instead.

ChipWeb v2.02

P16_USR.C line 249
See the comment about if (blk == ~b) above.

P18Web v2.17

See the v2.17 software notes (PDF) for more information, including compiler compatibility notes.

PICmicro® compilers

For issues with the CCS and Hitech compilers, see the Iosoft support page